5 Tips to Help You Learn English Faster

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English is a complex language which requires extra ordinary commitments to learn it faster. Learning English can be very challenging since it is full of contradiction, rules, different pronunciation, idioms and vocabularies, but this makes the language so much interesting.




If you are interested in learning English, here are the five surefire tips that can assist you.

Massive Intensity

You need to constantly listen and read between 6-12 hours daily. You listen then read a novel this will sharpen your English. Reading help so much to improve your speaking , if you do this simultaneously you will learn English fast and talk it fluently .Most people take time to learn fast but try this simple method for faster improvement. Moreover read magazines and newspapers it has got many new words and vocabularies.

Invest on good study materials

Need to buy a good dictionary to help you get meaning of words, it also helps you get some structures for your studies. Furthermore, you will also need a grammar guide, notebook to put down phrases, and your summary notes. Get yourself a writing material for usage so as to make your studies more enjoyable and fun.

Practice English with a partner

Friend is very important so as to help each other understand different topics,vocabulary talk through questions and practice English skills. Study mate will help you talk English together, set questions for each other also you can learn mistakes that might have say during your speech.

Train your ears to understand

You need to focus and listen. Do not focus on grammar or single world. Focus on phrases. Listen to English movies, watch films, cartoons, movies, TV shows, and TV channels like BBC news. Listen careful how their phrases are ordered .Continuous training your ears you will automatically you will automatically understand when people speak in English, this will also help you focus on the big picture. Learn not to focus word at a time it might take you forever to learn English.


To achieve this you need to be passionate .You need to build emotion and get obsessed with English .Remember emotion is equal to success. To create passion you compelling reasons why you want to study English faster. Imagine all the benefits you have when you can speak fluent English, imagine how will help you when you meet with a foreigner .If you are motivated by money imagine how Talking fluent English will make you rich .Emotion is the key it makes you strong and become obsessed that will push you to learn English quickly.


I recommend people learning English to visit England and listen to them for sure you will find this is really the best way to learn the language faster.



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