Top 10 Money Saving Hacks for Better Life

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Every one wants to save money but they just don’t know how to. well today I’m going to tell you how to save money and i have top 10 hacks for you people to saving your money.



Top 10 Money Saving Hacks for Better Life

1 – Shop online or at least check the price.
Before buying a costly item check its price online. If possible wait for a while and you can track the prices and you can grab a great deal. Just by shopping online you can save gas and get better deals.

2 – Entertainment.
Want to watch movies ? Watch movies in day or go before 6 pm as tickets a almost always cheaper than evening. Book holiday tickets early because they are always cheaper than at the movement tickets.

3 – Keep a budget.
Track your spending so you can know where your money is going. Cutoff unnecessary things so you can balance your money. Make a budget plan and save money.

4 – Transportation.
Use public transportation when ever you can. Take a train or bus and it will save you a lot of money and it will probably even be faster than driving all the way.

5 – Cancel you gym membership.
If you use the gym at least 3 times a week than cancel your membership immediately. Just eat healthy or you can buy your small equipment and do exercise at home.

6 – Cancel Book/magazine subscriptions.
Cancel all your unnecessary books or magazine subscriptions. Go to library if you want to read it so you can save some extra money on that.

7 – Water.
Spray a bit of water on your dishes in the sink and then turn the tap off when you’re scrubbing and then turn the tap back on when its time to wash, this can save you 200-500 gallons of water per month. Store rain water so that you can use that water for cleaning purpose. Its not only good for environment but its also good for your wallet.

8 – Regulate your electric use.
Saving electricity will definitely save a lot of money. Turn the lights off if not in use. If you are going out then pull out the plugs of TV, Fridge and other appliances. Computers and TV have standby mode but they still use electricity, so its better to switch it off. Use less hot water or use solar heater instead of gas/electric heater.

9 – Say NO to things.
Learn to say NO. Most of things you want to buy are not that necessary if you wait for day or two. Waiting allows you to check prices online so you can buy it in less price. Say no to luxury life for time.

10 – Cook at home/buy in bulk.
Buying food from known brands will empty you pocket if its in your regular habit. Just starting cooking and eating at home. Its will less your hotel bills and helps you to save money.

Follow these money saving hacks and watch how much money you still have in the end of the month.Watch you saving grow. Saving money can be tough so don’t give up.



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