Top 3 Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

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Most people at one time or another while driving will get some sort of traffic ticket at one point in time. The common response is to get the ticket and pay for it.

While some tickets like not having your license, not having insurance, and others are impossible to beat there are many that can be beat with a proper defense. If you learn the proper defense strategies you can beat tickets in court.

One of the common strategies is realistically unaware of the rule you broke. Storms sometimes knock down stop signs, speeding limit signs,and yield signs. Sometimes people spray paint over speed limit or steal the sign. Your defense here was you were unaware of what rule that you happened to break because the city didn’t have the signs properly posted. If this happens to you, get photo or video evidence as soon as possible to defend yourself.

Everyone hates seeing those flashing lights behind them, as they zoom down the street, not even aware that they may have been going slightly over the speed limit. Instead of being on time for your appointment, or for work, you not have to pull over and explain to the police why you were driving so fast. The next step is usually a traffic ticket which can range anywhere from $100 – $500 depending on the violation type. That’s not easy to swallow, especially in this economy. So what are the preventive methods to avoid getting pulled over? Here are just a few:

Know the Area

If you travel the same route day after day you likely know where the usual police traps are, and can easily check your speed at the given warning zones. If you take an unknown route, you will always be at risk for a traffic violation since you have no clue where the traps are set

Use Technology

I don’t mean the old radar detectors. Radar Detectors are great, and without a doubt will save you, but, you should also get to know the other tech gadgets that can alert you to possible speed traps, as well as even letting you know where red light cameras and DUI checkpoints are located. Services like Phantom Alert, and others can offer signals to your GPS alerting you to possible police traps.


Just Follow the law

I know it’s hard, but most times if you train your brain, you can tell when you are going over the speed limit. Going 5 miles per hour over the limit will only cut about 5 minutes of fof an hour long trip. Is it really worth the possible fine you may get for speeding?Remember, traffic laws are in place for a reason, to save lives. Take advantage of these tips, but also remember to be a safe driver, and buckle up.



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