Do Expensive Luxury Cars Make You More Attractive

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To some people, owning a luxury car is nothing but a mere daydream. For others, having a luxury vehicle is a nightmare due to the expensive monthly car notes and the even more expensive bills to get it repaired if anything happened to it.



However, many people have wondered if owning an expensive luxury vehicle makes a man appear more attractive than a man owning the average station wagon.
For many women and men, seeing a guy drive around in a luxury car is only materialistic and unimportant in determining if they are attractive or not. In the eyes of others, watching a man drive around in a new, clean, and expensive vehicle is a sign of money and wealth.

Generally, people are attracted to the thought of money and wealth, and they think that the man driving in the expensive car might give them a piece of their profits too. The main driving force that attracts a woman or guy to a man that owns a luxury vehicle is the fact that they might have an abundant amount of cash. It may be a little cliche, since not every person with a expensive car is necessarily rich, but it is normally the thought that goes into one’s head when they see a man riding in one. Witnessing a stranger who one might normally call “average” drive a new, say, Mercedes will probably make them go from average to one’s eyes to “admirably attractive”.
Now, not everyone thinks this way. Some people find it to be nothing but an item, a mere vehicle, that means nothing, and it does not determine the driver’s personality, attitude, or strengths. A large lot of people have got it programmed (probably through the media) that men driving in more expensive cars are wealthy, powerful, handsome, well-off and sleek. Overall, the next time one sees a bunch of women swooning over a guy in an expensive car, it might not be for the car or his actual attractiveness, but for the man’s wealth status instead!



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